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Delinquent Tax Notices

We will answer all calls, but it is best to respond to either the Tax Collector, for questions about the amount of the tax, or to the Appraisal District for questions about ownership, value or exemptions. We do not have anything to do with setting the tax or the value or exemptions.

Q: Can I get on installments?

A: Contact the Tax Collector. We do not get involved in the payment agreements.

Q: I am on installments, why did I get a letter?

A: The letters say to disregard the notice if you are on installments.

Q: My taxes are paid, why did get a letter?

A: Check with the Tax Collector. If there is a dispute, you will need proof in the form of a cancelled check or a paid receipt. The letters say if you have paid before receiving the notice that you may disregard them.

Q: I sold this property years ago, why did I get a letter?

A: Contact the Appraisal District. We cannot change addresses or ownership, or anything about the account.